Church: choose 10-12 terms you want church to be like.

Building                                       Meeting

Truth                                           Generous

Team                                           Learn about God

Free                                             Traditions

Corrections                                   Adventurous

Challenges                                    Experience

Transformative                             Prudent

Repetitive pattern                        Community

Facts                                            Imperfect

Creative                                       Connect with God

Believe                                         Obligation

Should                                          Acceptance

Joyful                                           Protective


If your choices included many of these terms – Truth, Generous, Acceptance, Free, Adventurous, Challenges, Experience, Transformative, Community, Imperfect, Connect with God, Creative, Joyful, Team – we’re on the same page.  I’m not saying the others don’t have their place in certain contexts, but to me they’re not the most important characteristics of a Christian community.  I want to be part of a group of Jesus followers who are connecting with God in such a way that our lives are really changing AND we are making a powerful and positive impact on people outside the church.  Passion for God and compassion for people.

My name is Mike Heady.  I have been the pastor of 4 churches and associate pastor of 1.  I also worked in a residential treatment center for at-risk adolescents for almost 7 years (2004-2011).  My experience in that facility showed me something of the critical issues and needs that people are dealing with.  It made me think about the kind of difference that the body of Christ could be making – not just with that particular population, but with many others who are experiencing other kinds of struggles.  Also, I am 63 years old – yikes!  Most of my ministry time is in the past, but I’m not ready to retire and I want to “finish up” with service in God’s Kingdom that is contributing to real renewal in the church and to doing real good in the world in the name of Jesus.

I believe it’s going to take an alternative kind of church and ministry to make a difference for many people.  The established churches have a great ministry to their people and are meeting some real needs.  But some followers of Christ are not being able to fulfill God’s purposes for them in the established churches.  Many people who are outside the established church sphere are not being touched by God’s love and truth.  Maybe God will use a group of believers who will team up to do something different.  So, what I’m proposing is an alternative ministry project, to take on a great, radical mission – an alternative ministry project.  I pray this website will be part of that. 


If you don’t consider yourself a follower of Christ but you’re interested, that’s okay.  Maybe this will give you an opportunity to find out more about this Christianity thing.  I’d suggest you start with “The Gospel” article.