You will find a baby

This is a suggestion for focusing on “finding” Christ in Christmas. You can call it a worship experience or a devotional or a quiet time or whatever fits.  It’s not meant for just reading and being done with it.  It is a personal activity.  So if you choose to use it, I suggest you get […]

We’re all bastards, but…

I was born into and grew up in a really nice family. Two parents and six siblings.  It was, for the most part, a peaceful and good family.  By good I am referring to values and behaviors.  We went to church all the time; once I gave up playing in a Little League baseball game […]

The Word

Abraham Lincoln used 286 words for his Gettysburg Address. Our nation’s founders used 1,300 words for the Declaration of Independence.  The U.S. government used 26,911 words to regulate the sale of cabbage.  When God sent the ultimate message for humanity to know him and receive life from him, he used one word.   “In the […]