The case of the mysterious revelation (part 1)

It was the strangest and most thrilling case he had ever had. He was a detective, a private investigator.  Clients hired him to find out things for them, to solve mysteries.  This case, however was a mystery that he could not solve.  Even though there were a lot of clues, he couldn’t figure out the […]

Heavy traffic

BEEEP! Major was startled by the car horn. He shivered. He must have dozed off. Traffic was really heavy. Stop and go, mostly stop. Major glanced in the rear-view mirror, then shifted into D and inched forward until his car was just a couple feet behind another – a red something. He couldn’t identify the […]

Car shows

I like to watch TV shows about cars. If you don’t, please stay with me. I’m going somewhere with this. Anyway, shows about cars – the ones where they work on them, like rebuilding a classic that has been wrecked or has sat in somebody’s barn for years. It’s been some time since I watched […]

The Nut

Once upon a time, there was a tribe of squirrels living in a forest, of course. They were ordinary, average squirrels. They scampered through the trees. They chattered. They gathered nuts – pecans to be exact. One year, then another year, then another, the pecans didn’t make very well – they were small and not […]

Passion for God: Remember Who Is Who

I heard radio commercial that asked: “would you like the earth to center around you?” The company’s pitch was everything they do is for your convenience & satisfaction.  Their motto: “Conoco: centered around you.” That’s a good method for getting people to buy their products.  Cause humans want, you know, everything centered around us. But […]